About Us

Prodipto started its journey in June 2019 with the publication of ‘Sahitya Magazine Prodipto’. Prodipto captivates readers through creative presentation and credibility from the very beginning. Fascinated by the love of the reader, the authorities make the decision; Prodipto to reach everyone’s hands through technology.

https://prodipto.news was created to implement that goal. Prodipto is currently a popular online news portal in Bangladesh.

The online news portal has started its activities with the promise of fearless, investigative, informative and impartial journalism. prodipto.news as a free-to-access 24/7 news source. It is completely open and free to the public. It is widely known for prioritizing truth over speed.

A group of young journalists working on online news portals from the very beginning have provided real time news updates using the latest technology. https://prodipto.news is trying to build a bridge with Bengali-speaking people around the world and is trying to create a new dimension in the country’s online news portals.